Bota Bota - Spa-sur-l'eau

Spa Region:Montréal City : MontréalDistrict : Old Montréal - Vieux-Port

Formerly a ferry, this boat-spa consists of five decks that house the various spa facilities: four saunas with incredible views of the river and the Old Port, steam baths, whirlpool baths, cold showers and baths, pool, relaxation areas, a restaurant, pool, terraces and a garden!

  Jardin des Écluses, rue de la Commune O. Coin de la rue McGill, Montréal, Québec, Canada
514 284-0333

Activities and services


  • Hydrotherapy
  • Massotherapy
  • Beauty care
  • Thermotherapy
  • Other care


  • Scandinavian bath
  • Courses
  • Sauna
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Other services

Signs and shuttles

  • Subway (station)
  • Bus (route)

Restaurant and food services

  • Restaurant on premises


  • Special schedules
  • Reservations required
  • Group rates

Related services and activities


Schedules and rates

Open year round


  • Reservations recommended