Parc national des Monts-Valin, TQ/J.-P. Huard


This vast region gets its moniker from the immense Lac Saint-Jean and the mighty Rivière Saguenay. As it flows into the St. Lawrence, the Saguenay winds through a majestic fjord whose breathtaking rocky flanks captivate all those who gaze upon them. The waterfront towns sparkle with cultural goings-on while the array of outdoor pursuits is impressive in any season: hiking, biking, rafting, snowmobiling, dogsledding, ice fishing and skiing, to name but a few!

Location and access

Saguenay, the region’s biggest city, is 210 km from Québec City (Route 175) and 335 km from Trois-Rivières (Route 155). There’s also a rail link from Montréal.

“A deep and powerful watercourse that is the river and road of the Kingdom and the lands of the Saguenay”—Jacques Cartier’s description of the Saguenay in 1535.

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