Cerf de Virginie, Outaouais © TQ/J.-P. Huard


The Outaouais region has two distinct personalities as attractive as they are different. There’s the urban effervescence of Gatineau, buzzing with exhibitions and festive events, brimming with bike paths and green spaces. Then there’s nature in all her glory: the surrounding hills, valleys and forests that, through the seasons, become a host of different playgrounds: canoe-camping, caving, hunting, fishing, skiing and—for the more hardy!—rafting and snowmobiling.

Location and access

The Rivière des Outaouais (Ottawa River) draws the dividing line between the Outaouais region and Ontario. From Gatineau, which sits directly across the river from Ottawa at 200 km west of Montréal, Route 105 goes up to Grand-Remous where Route 117 brings you to the region’s northern reaches.

In 1613, Samuel de Champlain travelled the Ottawa River to a point just upstream from Gatineau, opening the way to explorers and fur traders.

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