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Country inns and resorts

Québec, a holiday paradise

Holidays are often synonymous with rest and recreation in the countryside. With its multitude of lakes, rivers and mountains and its proximity to the St. Lawrence River, Québec is an ideal holiday destination. A wide array of accommodations and recreation and tourism facilities can be found across the territory, including hotels, inns, lodges and country homes located on mountaintops, waterfronts, or near major recreation facilities.   

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Find nature right next door to large urban centres  

Wide open spaces, breathtaking vistas, outdoor and resourcing activities: there are holiday destinations to suit all tastes. Whether you are looking for extreme experiences or more quiet pursuits, seeking the utmost comfort or more basic accommodations, you are sure to find what you are looking for! Québec has authentic options that combine bountiful nature, a warm welcome, local cuisine and exciting activities, whether you opt for a package or prefer to choose “à la carte” options at a world-renowned resort, a national park or a wilderness lodge. 

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