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6 days of winter fun

These three regions are sure to satisfy your appetite for winter sports! After a taste of urban winter in Montréal, visit Tremblant in the Laurentians. Finally, discover the Outaouais region, with its snowy backcountry perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Montréal © TQ/J-F. Hamelin

Suggested itinerary

  • Day 1 – Two essential Montréal winter experiences
    Parc du Mont-Royal and Observatoire Place Ville Marie

    In the winter, there’s nothing quite like an expedition through parc du Mont-Royal. Discover the lovely snowshoe trails on the sides of Mont Royal. Next, visit the Observatoire Place Ville Marie. From a height of 185 metres, you’ll admire panoramic views of the city and surrounding area.

  • Day 2 – European charm and North American flavour
    Old Montréal

    Discover the city’s European charm in Old Montréal. Try ice skating in the Old Port at the ice rink beneath La Grande Roue. After dark, learn about the history of Montréal through Cité mémoire, a circuit of 25 illuminated projections on the sides of buildings.

  • Day 3 – Shopping and skiing at Tremblant

    Tremblant boasts the highest skiable summit in the Laurentians. Discover slopes with excellent downhill skiing and glades perfect for alpine touring. At the foot of the mountain, check out the vibrant pedestrian village with its restaurants, cafés, bars, boutiques and events.

  • Day 4 – Ice skating and unwinding at a Nordic spa

    At Tremblant, ice skating is right up there with skiing and snowboarding in popularity. Against a picturesque backdrop of snowy fir trees, skate the ice rink at lac Mercier.Then relax in the Scandinavian baths at a Nordic spa in a natural setting at Then relax in the Scandinavian baths at a Nordic spa in a natural setting at Scandinave Spa Tremblant.

  • Day 5 – Meeting the local fauna

    Deer, wolves, black bears—all species you can encounter in their natural habitat at Parc Oméga! You’ll drive through prairies, valleys and forests. Just next door, sleep in a cottage at Kenauk, one of North America’s largest private reserves.

  • Day 6 – Exploring snowy trails

    Try a snowmobile adventure on some of the nearly 700 km of trails in this bountiful and snowy region! You’ll also discover how the Indigenous peoples of the North first got around, on a dog sledding excursion. Thrills guaranteed!