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Revel in our nature

Take one step outside the city and the great outdoors are right there to welcome you. Several destinations offer thrilling adventure and fresh air comfort all in one.

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Revel in our nature ©TQ/Norris, Garry

Unwind at a spa

Like all Nordic countries, Québec has its own well-established spa culture. Our millions of lakes and rivers form the perfect setting for relaxing massages, saunas and baths in enchanting surroundings.

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Unwind at a spa ©TQ/Scandinave Spa

Get cozy at a forest inn

There’s no better place to stay than a forest inn, located on the edge of a lake or river, up in the mountains or right in the heart of the forest. Enjoy luxury wrapped in the rustic warmth of Québec.

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Get cozy at a forest inn ©TQ/Tourisme Lanaudière/J. Vigneux

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