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Observing animals’ natural habits can be very educational! Did you know that elephants can manipulate tools and caribou are herbivores?

© Zoo de Granby - A.Poulin/Facing Waves

This fall, it’s a zoo out there!

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your visit, as well as a list of 11 zoos where you can observe a stunningly wide range of rare, wild animals.

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A spectacular flight on the horizon

In fall, they leave the Canadian Arctic, bound for the American East Coast. Who is are these mystery birds? The snow geese!

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Sea giants and their sidekicks

Embark on a river cruise and discover a total of 13 whale species. You’ll even get to learn their nicknames! Seals, porpoises, dolphins and beluga whales will also join the party!

Explore marine wildlife
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