Parc national du Mont Orford © Sépaq/Mathieu Dupuis

Colourful fall festivals

When this time of year rolls around, our mind is on one thing: stepping into the cool air and taking in the beautiful colors! The leaves’ yellow, orange and red hues are as warm and welcoming as the people and activities that abound in every region.

Across Québec, countless festivals showcase Mother Nature’s spectacular vistas. Here are a few nature-themed festivals focusing, where visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll surrounded by multi-colored trees.

Festivals showcasing fall colours in 2018

1-Fine Fall Weekends – Parc du Mont-Comi
September 8 to October 7*

Eastern Townships
Mont Sutton Fall Festival
September 15 to October 14*

La Flambée des couleurs Magog-Orford
September 22 to October 14*

Gleason en couleurs
September 22 to October 8*

Lanaudière © Symphonie des Couleurs/St-Donat
Parc national du Mont Orford © Sépaq/Mathieu Dupuis

Festival d’automne de Sainte-Agathe de Lotbinière
September 20 to 23

Festival des couleurs de Val Saint-Côme
September 22 to October 7*

Symphonie des couleurs
September 1 to October 7*

Fall Festival at Ski Montcalm
September 15 to October 21*

Sommet Saint-Sauveur Fun Fest
September 16 to October 29*

Festival des couleurs de Vallée-du-Parc
September 29 to October 8*

Festival des couleurs de Rigaud
October 6 to 8

Festival of Colors at Mont Sainte-Marie
October 6 and 7

13-Mont-Sainte-Anne’s Great Colour Adventure
September 22 to October 8*


*Weekend events

Festival d'automne du Mont Sutton © Mont SUTTON

For more information on festivals of colours across Québec, feel free to contact our vacation consultants by phone or online.


Watch the colours change
Whether you’re looking to enjoy fall festivals, go on a hike or simply take in nature’s beauty, you can watch the colours change with just a few clicks.