Montréal © TQ/E.Blue
Québec ©TQ/ F.Gagnon

Vibrant cities

With their festivals and events, restaurants, shopping opportunities and exciting nightlife, Québec cities bustle with life. Welcoming, diverse, creative and alive, just like its people, they are also rife with history and culture. And, like Montréal and Québec City, smaller towns and villages are alive with activity all year round. Stroll through trendy neighbourhoods, busy shopping streets and historic districts. They are bursting with life and offer a whole world of discoveries!

  • Montréal hosted the iconic Expo 67

  • Montréal was designated a UNESCO City of Design

  • Québec City is the only fortified city north of Mexico

Discover urban Québec

  • Access a whole new world of possibilities DOWNTOWN UNDERGROUND

    The largest downtown underground network worlwide has over 2,000 shops, 256 restaurants and several hotels, performance venues, museums and skating rinks. Descend into this Ali Baba cave under the streets of Montréal and discover all its treasures.

    Montréal © TQ/A.Quenneville
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    Montréal © TQ/D.Lafond
  • Metropolis alight LUMINOTHERAPY

    Montréal lights up under creative and playful installations that transform the Place des Festivals into one big interactive playground, as the heart of the city pulses to the rhythm of the throngs.

    Montréal © TQ/J.-F. Hamelin
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    Montréal © TQ/A.Quenneville
  • Delve into our history THE HISTORY OF MONTRÉAL - CITÉ MÉMOIRE

    Montréal’s history is told through the largest projection circuit in the world. Follow the images projected on the city’s walls, trees and pavements, and discover the notable figures and significant events that shaped it.

    Montréal © TQ/E.Blue
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    Montréal © TQ/M.Lemieux/V. Pilon
  • Fall under the charm of a unique neighbourhood PETIT CHAMPLAIN

    Strolling through the pedestrian streets of the oldest French-speaking neighbourhood in North America, you will discover delightful shops and art galleries, inviting cafés and restaurants, and a charming and romantic ambiance, especially in winter!

    Québec © TQ/F.Gagnon
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    Québec © TQ/J.-F.Hamelin