Parc national des Grands-Jardins © TQ/S.Deschênes
Parc national de Tursujuq © TQ/A.Poulin

Outdoor adventures

Québec is your playground. Whether it’s a tranquil forest walk you’re seeking, a heart-pounding ride on a zipline, or paddling out into the open water—you’ll love our nature. Its beauty transcends every season—unspoiled boreal forests, soaring fjords, glistening lakes, sandy beaches, and northern lights—providing diverse landscapes to explore, whether you live like a local for a few weeks or simply enjoy an invigorating day out. Explore 27 national parks and camp on site, rent a cabin or enjoy eco-lodging.

  • 27 national parks

  • 6,000 km of hiking trails

  • Land of a million lakes

Get really out there

  • Your home away from home could be a tree house Unique accommodations

    Stay your way. In a teepee. Or an igloo. A yurt. Or an ice hotel. Even in a submarine. Because Québec offers all kinds of tailor-made establishments, designed specifically for those who want a room with a different kind of view.

    Cap-Jaseux © TQ/M.Laporte
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    Cap-Jaseux © TQ/M.Laporte
  • Walk on tree tops Adventure courses

    From forests to gorges and escarpments, there’s something for every outdoor enthusiast, with more than 25 treetop adventure sites less than two hours from Montréal, Québec City or Gatineau.

    Parc national du Fjord du Saguenay © TQ/Outpost
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    Parc national du Mont-Tremblant © TQM.Clark
  • Stare into the giant crystal eye Pingualuit National Park

    Have a taste for the obscure? This is a must-have addition to your travel bucket list. A 1.4 million-year-old crater filled with crystal blue waters. Situated in the heart of the tundra underneath an endless Arctic sky, it’s guaranteed to wow.

    Parc national des Pingualuit © Tourisme autochtone
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    Parc national de Tursujuq © TQ/A.Poulin
  • Take a walk on the wild side through breathtaking Gaspésie Across Gaspésie

    Strap on your hiking boots for the walk of a lifetime. Join a group hike through the Chic-Choc Mountains. Watch whales from the shore. Take in the fresh air, reacquaint yourself with your true nature, and refresh your mind, body and soul.

    Gîte du Mont-Albert © Sépaq/M.Charland
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    Gaspésie © TQ/M.Laporte