The forest is awakening…

Sugaring off season is here!

The perfect opportunity for a trip to the sugar shack for a delicious meal. Enjoy traditional or innovative cuisine — your choice!  

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The sugar shack: a springtime tradition

Two events mark the arrival of spring in Québec: nature’s reawakening and a visit to a sugar shack.

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10 sugar shack recommendations

Québec is home to more than 200 sugar shacks, offering a wide array of menus and fun activities.

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Maple’s many incarnations

Maple syrup can be used in countless ways to add that special touch to any cocktail, entrée or dessert.

Maple mania
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Making maple taffy at home

If you can’t get to a sugar shack but are in the mood for some maple taffy, here’s a quick and easy recipe to make at home. It’s so good you’ll be licking your fingers!

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