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What to do this winter... a few suggestions

In Québec, we’re all about winter. Whether skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, fatbiking or taking a contemplative stroll through the forest, there’s a range of ways to play outside. And the snowier, the better! So let it snow!

Igloofest, carnivals and winter festivals

We enjoy winter in a number of ways all over Québec. We’re probably the only ones in the world who can be found on an outdoor dance floor in the middle of winter—every year! Igloofest is considered one of the world’s top music festivals. The outdoor stages often have some of the biggest names in electronic music gracing the decks.

From the classic Québec Winter Carnival in Québec City to Winterlude in Outaouais, a popular event for kids, there are a multitude of festivities to liven up your winter weekends. Between winter carnivals and festivals, different regions offer different events. You’re guaranteed a good time, regardless of where you go!

Directory of winter festivals and events

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Diego and Frida at the MNBAQ

The Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec exhibits iconic artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, the passionate Mexican painter couple who reigned supreme in the 1930s. The exhibition Frida Kahlo - Diego Rivera and Mexican Modernism. The Gelman Collection presents the Mexican modernist influences of the wealthy, post-revolution period of their time. An opportunity to learn about major painters in history.

Majors exhibitions of the winter 2020.


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Winter fun: get outside

As we all know, winter transforms Québec into a giant playground. And it’s a playground with something for everyone. Yes, everyone. In addition to the traditional go-tos like skiing, skating and snowshoeing, there are always fun new activities to try.

Night sledding
That’s right, you can sled down the slopes of the Vallée du Parc ski resort in Mauricie—at night! If you think sledding’s a rush in the daytime, you’ve got to try it by night! Woohoo!

Where to do cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Frida Khalo - La jeune mariée épouvantée en voyant la vie ouverte, 1943. La collection Jacques et Nathasha Gelman d'art mexicain du 20e siècle et la Vergel Foundation.
Diego Rivera - Pyasage avec cactus, 1931. La collection Jacques et Natasha Gelman d'art mexicain du 20e siècle et la Vergel Foundation.

Local and seasonal delicacies

Our local cuisine doesn’t get put on hold for the winter. Au contraire, it’s time to dine! Montréal en Lumière, one of the major celebrations of fine dining and now a winter tradition, will be held this year from February 20 to March 1. For 10 days, the festival showcases cuisine and chefs from Montréal and around the province. And because the more the merrier, especially in winter, we invite an international region each year to show off their culinary know-how. In addition to good eats, guests will enjoy the event’s music and cultural events.

Ice fishing
Our local flavours can also be found beneath the ice. On top of tasting the food, you can even fish for tomcod—also known as frostfish—yourself. Ice fishing is even more enjoyable with family or friends, in a cozy cabin in the village set up right on the ice. Don’t forget, what happens at the cabin stays at the cabin!

Where to do ice fishing

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