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Learn the lay of the land through its food

“I find it really cool that the people here express their identity through the local products.” Jean Imbert, a charismatic French chef making a name for himself around the world, loved getting to know Québec through the beauty of its food. “I felt really good on this trip. I realized I was hungry! Funny but true.”

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Région 1 de 5 Percé and Bonaventure - Activité 1 de 4 Dive with the seals

Dive into the water and let the friendly seals approach. At the l’Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé National Park, beginner divers can take a course right there in the water with animals and fish swimming around. Gaze upon the the famous “pierced rock” and enjoy the sight of thousands of birds.

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Région 1 de 5 Percé and Bonaventure - Activité 2 de 4 Crab fishing in Bonaventure

Join commercial crab fisherman out on a boat to catch crab then eat your fresh catch on shore. Bon appétit!

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Région 1 de 5 Percé and Bonaventure - Activité 3 de 4 Fresh cheese from the farm

Meet charming Nubian goats at Natibo farm. These beautiful animals produce a rich, sweet milk that yields a particularly mild, creamy cheese.

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Région 1 de 5 Percé and Bonaventure - Activité 4 de 4 1,000 different ways to love

Soak up summer in Percé and dine al fresco where the food tastes of the earth, air and sea that’s all around you as you gaze out at the Rocher Percé and feel grateful.

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Région 2 de 5 Douglastown - Activité 1 de 1 Mushroom harvest

Mushrooms grow in the shadows of the forest. Go foraging for four local mushrooms around the O’Dwyer Distillerie Gaspésienne then come back to chop some wood and learn how their delicious mushroom gin is made. Give it a taste—or two!

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Région 3 de 5 Forillon National Park - Activité 1 de 3 The edge of the world

Soaring seabirds and steep cliffs—get a sense of the grandeur of Gaspésie here on the edge of the world at Forillon National Park. For thousands of years, humans have come to marvel at this geological wonder.

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Région 3 de 5 Forillon National Park - Activité 2 de 3 Cultivate algae in the sea

The lighthouse at Cap-des-Rosiers has saved many a ship throughout history. Admire its stunning location then make your way to Cap-aux-Os for algae cultivation and dinner on the shore.

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Région 3 de 5 Forillon National Park - Activité 3 de 3 Ready to camp

Want to sleep under the stars in comfort? Have a full nature experience with a bit more comfort when you stay in one of 15 on-site oTENTik tents.

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Région 4 de 5 Micmac Interpretive Centre of Gespeg - Activité 1 de 1 Dreams of the Mi’gmaq

1,000 years of culture and history can be found at the Micmac Interpretive Centre of Gespeg. Learn how to weave a traditional basket and make bannock bread with the local interpreters. This is a faithful reconstruction of a traditional village and summer camp as found in the 17th century.

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Région 5 de 5 Carleton-sur-Mer - Activité 1 de 1 Oyster lovers

William Bujold is a young entrepreneur from Carleton-sur-Mer who learned mussel farming from his father and decided to add an oyster company to the family business. Discover the ins and outs of raising oysters in the cold waters of Gaspésie with William.

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