Nunavik © Hooké/S.Davis

The mythical salmon rivers

Living the emotion of salmon fishing

With its many rivers, it is no surprise that Québec is a true heaven for salmon fishing! People come from as far as the United States and France to practice the sport on one of the more than sixty salmon rivers found in six regions of the province. Some of Québec fishing spots rival the top five world destinations for Atlantic salmon! Québec has made quite a name for itself in that respect…

Nunavik © Hooké/S.Davis
Nunavik © Hooké/S.Davis

According to the fans of this highly prized style of fishing, the feeling of fighting this valiant fish at the end of your line is indescribable! And so is the satisfaction of pulling out of the water this king of the rivers after perfecting one’s technique and practicing patience for hours! It is true that, on most Québec rivers, only fly fishing is allowed during salmon fishing season. But you don’t need a lot of experience to enjoy the pleasures of this type of fishing: the services of a guide or an initiation course and the rental of appropriate equipment will let you live magical moments. You are ready to fish on the open river or in a fishing hole, one of those resting spots for salmon on their way back up the river. 

There are so many reasons to learn this sport fishing tradition, besides the challenge of mastering the delicate technique of landing your lure on the water to make it look like a living insect. Who, seasoned or new to the sport, would not want to discover the most beautiful Québec landscapes? Discover wild valleys and sparkling waters shimmering with a thousand shades of turquoise. Feel connected to nature like never before, and live unforgettable moments. Going salmon fishing in Québec is coming back with fishing stories which are incredible… but true!

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The salmon rivers of Québec 

Here are some of the more than 60 salmon rivers found in Québec, mostly concentrated on the sea shore of the St. Lawrence River:

Rivière OuelleBas-Saint-Laurent

Rivière MalbaieCharlevoix et Québec

Rivière MoisieCôte-Nord (Duplessis)

Rivière Saint-JeanCôte-Nord (Duplessis)

Rivière Laval Côte-Nord (Manicouagan)

Rivières des EscouminsCôte-Nord (Manicouagan)

Rivière BonaventureGaspésie

Rivière Cap-ChatGaspésie

Rivières CascapédiaGaspésie

Rivière à MarsSaguenay‒Lac-Saint-Jean

Rivière à la LoutreÎle d’Anticosti

Rivière à la baleineNord-du-Québec