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Pedal your way to delicious discoveries

Québec and gourmet pleasures: a great love story!

Thanks to the wealth of its local products, the creativity of its culinary chefs, and the expertise of its local artisans and producers, Québec has earned a reputation as a foodie destination that extends beyond its borders. Numerous cycling paths crisscross the vibrant agrotouristic regions. As you pedal through picturesque villages and landscapes, discover the regional specialties and artisanal creations that are as delicious as they are original. And don’t forget your bags, as you will probably want to stock up on these goodies!

Cycle and tickle your taste buds with Québec’s regional specialities

Excuses to take breaks during your bike trip abound, and the temptations are often irresistible! Whether you stop for a quick snack or to satisfy your curiosity, gourmet stopovers are often only a few pedal strokes away. The fresh and healthy products offered by producers, processors, and restaurants make these stops perfect for cyclists. Fruit, cheese, and delicatessen stores provide everything you need for a picnic. And for an energizing and rewarding break, why not treat yourself to a delicious chocolate indulgence or a refreshing craft beer? Enjoying the regional specialities of Québec in a picturesque setting is a memorable experience!

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Gourmet cycling tours that promote the flavours of Québec

The gourmet cycling tours offered in many of Québec’s regions allow you to discover a host of products and artisans. Looking for local experiences that showcase the wealth of the Québec terroir and passionate producers’ know-how? Take a ride on the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route, which connects 22 wineries over some 86 miles (140 km). Try out The Country Tour, a 37 miles (60.5 km) circuit in a picturesque, rural setting, and visit wine producers, apple growers, and beekeepers. Cycle the Circuit Terre et Mer (land and sea), a trail of 36 miles (58 km) that unveils the maritime and rural aspects of the Bas-Saint-Laurent, as well as the culinary specialties of the area. Pedal around La Véloroute des Bleuets(blueberry route) , 153 miles (246 km) loop  encircling the majestic Lac Saint-Jean, in a region that is home to numerous microbreweries and culinary treasures. Or, travel along the 31 miles (50 km) of the Aux pays des Canneberges circuit, which invites you on a ride to see the cranberry marshes that are harvested in the fall.

Learn about the local artisans’ know-how

Stopping to discover artisans’ delightful products without learning more about their craft is next to impossible. They are more than happy to share their know-how, which, for many of them, is also a lifestyle! Many farms open their doors to visitors, offering tastings and guided tours. Interpretation centres and economuseums also offer great opportunities to learn about agriculture and the production of regional specialties. These activities give you privileged access to the regions’ renowned wineries, cider mills, and microbreweries. As well as to cranberry, blueberry, and edible seaweed producers that are the pride of some of our regions. Why not take the experience a step further by picking the fruit and vegetables yourself or by taking part in the fall harvest?

Taking the time to discover our countless mouth-watering pleasures and the artisans who produce and transform them is to taste Québec in all its authenticity!

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