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Flora and fauna forever

Tune into the call of thousands of northern gannets. Discover a 5-million-tonne monolith at low tide. Taste the sea air. Hear tall tales from local fishermen.

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A patchwork of beautiful contrasts

Get close to the people and their history. Let yourself be surprised by the twists, turns, and unconventional routes that brought this unique culture where it is today.

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Pure and wild

Be one with nature—swim in a clear lake, hike through fragrant forests, take a long walk at the water’s edge, aim your lens at a rare bird—our parks come alive.

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Get to know our Indigenous people

You may have heard the legends but have never experienced Indigenous traditions as they’re lived today. Let yourself be taught lessons from the earth.

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Meet a true Wanderer

The talent and culture of Québec comes to us in the soulful voice of local singer-songwriter Geoffroy and his original song "Wanderer", performed for our campaign video. Québec singer-songwriter Beyries lends her beautiful voice to the French version giving the song a distinctly romantic touch.

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Give yourself time to let go

Taking time to let fresh air and warm water wash your worries away is vital in our busy lives. From the rigorous to the relaxing, getting out and letting go is worth it.

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Discover your inner wolf

Admire this noble beast of the boreal forest up close, from actually petting them to viewing them at a distance, all while supporting their protection in the wild.

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To be part of something bigger

“To experience that beauty and nature and tranquility is rare in this world full of distractions.” Ben Prescott and Jess Dales put down their screens to enjoy the moment.

Meet Ben & Jess

The audacity to be different

Come ready to be inspired because our cities will bring out your expressive side. The people are warm, the streets are alive, and things are really happening. Let yourself go!

Live the city life

Sounds of a river

Whales breaching the water’s surface, a rushing rapid to swim or surf, the deep, familiar sound of the horn of a passing ship—life in and on the river will move you.

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Spa culture

The people of Quebec love spas—Nordic, urban, or however you like to soak your stress away. Marvel at idyllic natural settings and enjoy delicious healthy fare.

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Make it up as you go along

“Being here feels like connecting with old friends.” Even as solo traveller, Kiersten said that she was never really alone. “I felt welcome wherever I went.”

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Fresh air and fun

Start the day watching the sunrise, stroll around the village, breathe in fresh air while hiking, biking, ziplining, or paddling—Tremblant is your playground.

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Savour the taste of passion

There’s a certain obsession for really good food you can taste in that first bite. And you can taste the difference thanks to carefully chosen fresh local products.


Watch the walls come to life

Take a mural walk and discover hundreds of murals created by artists from around the world, each one a masterpiece in its own right.

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Food is as intimate as love

“There’s a kind of positive energy here,” said Chef Jean Imbert. “The people express their love of the land through food, and then get together to really taste and savour it all.”

Meet Jean

History moves us

It’s easy to imagine the vision early settlers had for this perfectly preserved fortified city that’s loved the world over. Be amazed by the melding of old and new.

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Go back to the start

A road trip on the Navigators’ Route is an endless series of charming moments—inspiring panoramas, villages and farms from another time, and lovely parks to explore.

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Immersed in the sacred

The pounding of the drum stirs your soul as voices call out to the forces of the natural world and powerful dances inspire you. Surrender to the Pow Wow.

Visit Wendake

Now’s the time to be yourself

Laugh until you cry, dance until dawn breaks, sing along to your favourite songs, and get lost in the magic of the moment. This is all about having fun.

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Stay somewhere unexpected

Stare at billions of stars as you drift into slumber in a clear bubble, cozy up in a traditional teepee, or sleep in the leafy canopy of the treetops.

Rest easy

Back to the start

The birthplace of the city and one of the hottest areas for art and events. Stroll Old Montréal and lunch on a terrace, explore the Montréal Science Centre, or even chill out on an urban beach.

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Flavours of the North

North of the 49th parallel, there’s a unique climate that has influenced our local food scene. Taste the boreal freshness of blueberries, cherries, mushrooms, Labrador tea, dune peppers, northern shrimp, snow crab, and so much more.

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Light up the night

Trees take on brilliant new forms under the creative shimmer of light projections. Walls, reaching into the sky, dance and come alive with lights. In forests and cities across Quebec, lights are telling our many stories.

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Graceful glides

You quietly dip your paddle in the water when a few metres ahead, a humpback breaches to say “hi.” This whale is accompanied by many others in a magical parade of marine life.

Kayak with whales

Climb amongst the treetops

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the immense boreal forest in more than 25 aerial adventure sites just hours from Montréal, Québec City, or Gatineau.

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Time to catch a break

Go deep into the quiet of the forest. Explore lakes and rivers teeming with fish, and hunt game both big and small.

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Life outside can awaken something within

Experience the overwhelming awe of rushing waters, infinite forests, and epic cliffsides—all landscapes to take in so you can let go.

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Get on the road to self-discovery

Whether it’s picking a random spot on the map and taking your time getting there, or planning an excursion on a special route, count on friendly greetings along the way.

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A whimsical weekend

Marvel at the spectacle of colourful hot-air balloons filling the skyline at the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival. See Quebec’s hottest musical acts plus family activities.

Up and away

The warmth of the people

Actor Alan Estrada experiences a place through its people. “They were doing what they love and loving what they do in a constant search for happiness and authenticity.”

Meet Alan

Enter nature’s kingdom

A whale breaches in the distance as a seabird dives for fish. Find yourself on the trail of a gentle deer in the forest or a cute squirrel in a city park.

Get close

Time passes, continents shift, sea recedes

The Mingan Archipelago is born. Behold the island’s sculpted monoliths, puffins, whales, and seals. Relax in the seclusion of the island and inhale the salty sea air.

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Flora and fauna forever

Tune into the call of thousands of northern gannets. Discover a 5-million-tonne monolith at low tide. Taste the sea air. Hear tall tales from local fishermen.

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