Lac Jacques-Cartier, Québec © TQ/J.-G. Lavoie


Feeling the need to get back to basics? Go camping! Some 850 rated campgrounds offer up sites and facilities for every taste and budget in stunning natural settings: in the forest, on an island, alongside a river or on a fine sandy beach.


Since 2004, campgrounds have been given one- to five-star ratings indicating the quality of their infrastructure and services. To snag a choice spot in high season (May to October), you’re best off booking in advance, especially in the national parks.

Happy campers

Rent a canoe in a national park and try out canoe-camping. If you’re an avid cyclist, take advantage of the services offered at Bienvenue cyclistes-licensed campgrounds. Those who like to venture off the beaten track can try winter camping in a prospector’s tent. Don’t forget the “ready-to-camp” options offered by many national parks!

Tepees were the accommodation favoured by nomadic Amerindians; the sedentary tribes lived in longhouses. Generally conical in form, tepees were covered in bark, animal hides or canvas.